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Is it safe to buy weed online from 420 Dispensary?
Generally, Recent times have proven that people buy more weed online this days rather than visiting their local dispensary. So it has become safer to order weed online rather than meeting your plug.

1.  You want high Quality weed.

2. The closest Dispensary is too far or Marijuana is illegal in your state.

3. You are looking for the best quality of THC products.

Our products are of the highest quality and are packaged in vacuum sealed packages. Your package is tracked down to your Home.


Do i need a medical marijuana card to shop?
No! Once you are ready to order medical marijuana from 420 Dispensary, it’s as easy as ordering a Pizza. Browse our Catalog and place your order, payment details will be sent to you immediately.
Is my package discreetly shipped?
Yes. Don’t worry we got you, All our products shipped from our dispensary are all packaged using smell proof stealth packaging to avoid any smell tested with the highest quality to protect your privacy.
What are the delivery charges for orders from 420 dispensary?
We are the fastest and the cheapest which ranges from $20 overnight in the USA and Canada and $35 2 to 3 days Worldwide.
How do i pay?

We accept Bitcoin, Zelle, Cashapp, Paypal, Apple pay, Google pay payments. Credit card and Bank transfer payment coming soon.

How long will delivery take?
Overnight and 24 hours within the USA and Canada and 3 to 4 days worldwide.
Do i receive an Invoice for my order?
Yes, Once you place your order we send you an email which are to be followed without errors to avoid slowing down the process after effecting payments send us a Clear screenshot attachment of your payment via email so we can proceed with registration and packaging.